Aug 16, 2014

Ipsy August 2014 Glam Bag : Beauty Schooled

It's that time of the month -- Ipsy Unbagging!
Too much enthusiasm? Yeah, probably. That said, this month's bag isn't all that bad.
Ipsy Glam Bag August 2014: Beauty Schooled
Ipsy Glam Bag August 2014: Beauty Schooled
  1. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara - I pretty much live off of mascara samples because I'm not really all that biased as long as things don't get clumpy or flakey. I haven't tried taking this off yet, but I am seriously tempted to purchase the full size. Like, seriously. This is so, so black and reminds me of Benefit's They're Real! only with the notch down of intensity that I wanted.
  2. Lord & Berry Kajal Kohl-Liner in black silk - I really wanted to love this. It applied like a dream (tightline + waterline) but within five minutes or so the liner on the lower waterline started looking a bit racoonish. Yikes. Though, to be fair, finding a liner that actually sticks to my waterline has been a crazy long journey for me. I think I'll stick to UD's 24/7.
  3. Absolute You're The Balm Lip Balm in grape - This smells like Dimetapp. Before the reformulation when they had to make it not delicious. It's nostalgic but not something I would necessarily pick up on my own. It doesn't taste like much, though. It's glittery in the pot (below) but I didn't see any glitter on my lips. It's a good size, but I'm not sure if it's going to meet my crazy moisture needs.
  4. Coastal Scents Forever blush - I could leave the blush and run with the bronzer, for sure. Like everyone and their mother has said, the bitty sample sizes maybe be the Coastal Scents standard, but it does make them hard to apply. Plus! there's no names on the packaging, so even if I wanted to buy it I'm not entirely sure what product I'd buy.
  5. Dr. Brandt Pores No More - I very, very rarely. use primer. This may be great for that, but it did nothing for my pores. In fact, I kind of think it made them look worse. I'll stick to Benefits Porefessional if I need to slap on a primer. It's going to go in the trash unless my friend likes her sample, in which case it will get sent her way.
  6. Ipsy the bag - This could've been cute, I guess. It's super weak compared to last month's. I'm not entirely sure if it was a printing error or the print melted onto itself but whatever. This is probably going to get used as a pencil case.
Ipsy Glam Bag August 2014: Beauty Schooled
Swatches L to R: blush, bronzer, liner, balm, pore refiner
Ipsy Glam Bag August 2014: Beauty SchooledIpsy Glam Bag August 2014: Beauty Schooled
Macros of: mascara wand, lip balm
Ipsy Glam Bag August 2014: Beauty SchooledIpsy Glam Bag August 2014: Beauty Schooled
Macros of: blush, bronzer

Aug 14, 2014

Sewing : Quilt, the beginnings


Back in 2011 or so I finally finished a quilt that I had been working on for...well about ten years. I fell into a weird Internet rabbit hole not too long ago and decided that I absolutely needed to make another quilt. And this time, it would be one that wasn't using fabric that is only suitable for a quilt being made by a ten year old.
I plan on doing a more intensive write up once I finish the actual quilt, but right now I'm getting so close to finishing the front. As of writing, I have one(!) block left before I start sewing it together. I'm not in a terrible rush, as I'm super ahead of the schedule that I made for myself -- because I am very serious about not making this another ten year project. And I decided that this time I was going to do it right. Proper pattern, walking foot (which I'm waiting for), coordinated handmade bias tape. As you can see, Alex has already claimed it as his own, despite not helping me with it at all.
Anyway, here's a gratuitous shot of the little beast:
#vscocam Tired, ferocious beast.

Aug 11, 2014

Comics on comics

I’ve been reading graphic novels pretty regularly for at least seven years now. But for whatever reason when it comes to comics, I’ve generally stuck to trade paperbacks. They’re just convenient. The line up nicely on shelves and in my social (media) circles there’s a very low risk of anyone spoiling things for me.
But there’s a lot of good comics out right now including some by people I’ve been following on the Internet for awhile. So I’ve been doing a few things:

L: Sex Criminals, description page R: Ms. Marvel #1 Cover
  • Comixology – I’ve been using the Comixology app to (semi) regularly read Ms. Marvel with Kamala Kahn. Because I think it’s a comic that needs to be supported – a Muslim American from Jersey City? I’m here for it. Plus on Comixology, there’s occasional free issues of comics I’m interested in. So I’ll download them and then decide if I want to get the trade paperback or not. 
  •  Amazon – I like preordering comics from Amazon, since I generally have a gift card balance floating around and they have a pre-order price match guarantee. And getting a $0.13 refund is always fun.
  • Comic book shops – In my case The Comic Book Shop. It’s one of the closest comic book shops to me and will be fairly easy to hit up after work. I only just started going here and it alleviated any of my previous concerns about brick and mortar stores. I’ve definitely encountered places where the dudes (and ladies!) and the counter have been shooting “fake geek girl” daggers at me with their eyes. Which frankly is just irksome because let’s be real, my cash is cash and I don’t need to be judged for only caring about Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye. 

I’ve had some pretty solid experiences overseas (Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury, you served me well. Along with all of the random Belgian comic book shops I stopped in while there.)
But until The Comic Book Shop, all subsequent experiences have been sub-par. I was instantly greeted by the owner and given a tour when I entered. I got asked if I read comics, then got asked what I liked which got followed by some recommendations. I walked in wanting Sex Criminals and Pretty Deadly and walked out with a whole lot more than that. So obviously, I also got a bin (box?) for Lumberjanes and I may also get on Supreme Blue Rose too. Plus they have a Ladies’ Night, which is touted as “Safe! Fun! Comics! Gal Pals! Ladies 16+” so I’ll probably head to August's just to see what all it is.
So basically I get to support not only a local business, but a local business that's (at least partially) woman owned. Which is pretty darn cool.

I'm thinking of doing mini-reviews as I read some more books (comics, novels, everything really.) But we'll see.

Jul 26, 2014

You can grow flowers


From my rotting body,
flowers shall grow
and I am in them
and that is eternity. - Edvard Munch

More or less everything is in bloom, finally. The stargazers bloomed in time for my birthday. And this might be the first year the deer didn't get to them. They're so heavy they can't help but to be weighed down. They're propped up at the top by a hanging basket.

The sunflowers took the longest, but they're some of the tallest I've ever grown. Basically, the landscaping is the dreamiest this time of year and I'm slowly prodding my father to let some of the gardens get a little bit wild.

This bit is honestly more to feature my mini planchette ring from Blood Milk than the black eyed susans. I'm glad I went for the mini rather than the large or else my hand would've been swallowed whole. The polish is Formula X by Sephora in Kelvin (hot tangerine.) It's much more candy orange in real life, though it looks so different in different lighting. It's pretty perfect for this time of the year.

Jul 21, 2014

Sewing : Yoga Mat Tote

DIY yoga bag
Since March I've been doing yoga pretty regularly. I've been doing a combination of aerial and mat classes at a studio not too far from my house. While it isn't directly on my way home from work, it has convenient enough times that I can easily head there for the 6 p.m. classes.
It took me a while to find a studio that fit well. Some place that I felt totally welcomed, that was cool, offered enough variety of classes and probably more importantly didn't cater just to stay at home moms.*
It didn't take that long before my mat from 5 Below started getting shredded. I had debated just going for a $20 dollar mat, but wound up deciding on an $80 Manduka Prolite. Which was well worth the investment -- this mat is definitely serving me well. But I didn't want to ruin it with the big stretchy band I had around my old mat, so I decided to make a yoga bag.
DIY yoga bag
I used this tutorial from Sew4Home. And it was super easy. And even better, it was cheaper than buying a sling/strap combo. The material was from Joann Fabrics and I had heaps of coupons plus both fabrics were on sale. The grand total (2 yards of fabric, webbing, button and thread) was around $20. I think the hardest part was picking out what fabrics I was going to use.
DIY yoga bag
This bag is absolutely the perfect size. I can toss in my water bottle and towel and throw it over my shoulder.
DIY yoga bag

*That's not a jab at stay at home moms, for the record. It's just that a lot of local studios only offer classes during the day, the latest being at 5 or 5:30 which prevents folks with 8 or 9-5ers the ability to head to the studio any time that isn't the weekend.