May 15, 2015

Mar 3, 2015

In memoriam

purr machine

Last night my dad and I made the really hard decision to put Alex down.
I'm heartbroken, but I know it was the right choice. Last week he had stopped eating, and after a trip to the vet (we figured it was a bit of a stomach bug) we found out he had elevated liver enzymes and were given a prescription for appetite stimulants. At least part of me knew that it wasn't a cure, that it was just to buy us some more time. He stopped eating again on Sunday night, so another vet trip and the hardest choice. We couldn't let him suffer, though.
He was with us for nearly 19 years, and it's so hard for me to remember a time before he was with us. As an introverted only child, I spent a lot of time with him. We got him the summer before I started first grade, brought him home from a house down the road with a "free kittens" sign, in a box from the contractor building my dad's garage. I played with him all afternoon on the back porch.
He was the runt of the litter but he was always the happiest cat. He just purred, constantly. And so, so loud. It was like a white noise machine. And for being a farm cat, he had the softest fur. He wasn't always the biggest cuddler, but he was always there when we were bummed or sick. And I'm glad that I got an extra week with him.
I'll miss you, bud.

Feb 15, 2015

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Ipsy February 2015 Glam Bag : #ipsylove

It’s that time — Ipsy Glam Bag post! I'm sicker than sick edition.
Ipsy February 2015

  1. Eva NYC up all night volumizing spray - Honestly, I haven’t used this yet. I’m pretty sure it smells good, but I can’t really smell. It’s a “rice-derived” spray and is also meant as a heat protectant. So I’m definitely eager to try it out.
  2. City Color Cosmetics creamy lipstain in flirtini - Sorry, I’m just going to gag over the name. I like the color of this, at least watched on my hand. I was hoping this was going to be like an oversized tube of NYX’s Lip Creams. But I don’t think this dries, even when applied with a super thin coat. It leaves a pink stain behind, but c’mon some product has got to stay on the lips. Also, it never got matte how it was meant to.
  3. Mitchell and Peach fine radiance face oil - I LOVE face oils, and I’m excited to give this one a try. But I’m definitely going to do a patch test first, since the first oil listed is coconut oil, which is known to be pretty comedogenic, which is not something I want to mess with. Plus the packaging is fancy looking and the full size (twice the size of this sample) retails for £30. Pretty generous!
  4. ModelCo blush cheek powder in cosmopolitan - A quick swirl of my brush in this blush and there was product everywhere. It’s a mess. The color is…nice. Basic, but nice. But it’s so sheer. That’s apparently the point, but even with a heavy handed application, I’m pretty sure the product was more or less invisible within ten minutes.
  5. Emite Make Up professional eyelash curler - This curler retails for 200 SEK, which is like 23 U.S. doll hairs. What? Okay, I know that isn’t THAT pricey for a curler but dang. Weirdly, I bought a small travel curler from Sephora, then received one from my boss. And yet I’m still using my old ELF curler. This one looks cruelly medical. And I love it. I used to think all curlers were created equal but this one is just…better somehow.
  6. Ipsy the bag - No thank you.
Ipsy February 2015Ipsy February 2015
Ipsy February 2015Ipsy February 2015
Ipsy February 2015

Feb 9, 2015

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PB and chocolate chip granola

PB & Chocolate Chip Granola
I've been reading and watching a lot of granola recipes lately. It's been this weird obsession lately. I decided to finally make some granola instead of just thinking about it or staring blindly at the pre-packaged granola at Target.

I found this recipe for peanut butter and chocolate chip granola on Minimalist Baker. It is SO good.
So good that I ate enough of the little jar below to put the remainder in the big jar. Oops.
It really is crazy good with almond milk.
I want to eat it for every meal.
I want to finish it off and then make more types of granola (but I have a feeling that this is going to be one of my favorites.) The house smelled so good! And you can pretend that it's actually healthy.
PB & Chocolate Chip Granola
PB & Chocolate Chip Granola

Feb 5, 2015

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Inspired by DIY : pretty bath products

Pretty bottles

Does decanting bath products into other containers count as a DIY? I'm not totally sure, but I was browsing the Internet and came across this idea from Almost Makes Perfect. And then I Couldn't. Stop. Thinking. About it.
First off, let's talk about a fantastic aesthetic in general. How this super simply DIY has be actually going through products instead of jumping around. (I have SO many shower gels.) And how my shower is so much easier to clean when I don't have a million bottles to remove. And it just looks so nice.
Pretty bottlesPretty bottles
Pretty bottles

I ordered my bottles from Specialty Bottle. I've actually ordered from there before...jars. For my best friend. For her birthday.
As you can see above, I got a combination of closures. If I could go a re-do I would put my shampoo and conditioner into bottles with pumps instead of standard discs. And instead of writing out all of the products I went with 2" vinyl letters and just put the first letter of the product name on there. I imagine if someone uses my shower, it shouldn't be that confusing. (I'm also awful and switch out the shampoo & conditioner when I have guests. Sorry, but you aren't using my Pureology when you don't understand how concentrated (and expensive) it is.
I went with bottles for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash (one for my medicine cabinet, one for the shower,) a little spray bottle of some DIYed toner and mouthwash.


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